Our Church

The Community Baptist Church of Saginaw began on March 23, 1959 when four men had a vision of a fundamental, Bible-believing church for the area of Shields. These men met together, prayed, and waited for God's leading. They searched all possibilities for a land location that they felt was the Lord's will; however, nothing opened up so they called for the services to be held at the home of Bob Barrigar.

The first minister incorporated Community Baptist with the State of Michigan on September 26, 1961. The church moved from the garage of a house on Trinklein Road to a small house that was renovated into a church at 8331 Gratiot Road. Many pastors came to CBC from 1966-1978, finally in August of 1978 Pastor Douglas Jackson accepted the call as head pastor of Community Baptist Church. Under Pastor Jackson the church has grown in attendance and finances. God has graciously blessed the church in growth, improved facilities, and a continual visions for souls.