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Title Scripture Speaker Date Series
Use your Faith not Fear 2016-02-21 February
The Lord is On My Side: Part 2 Psalm 118:6 2016-01-31 January
Be a Bold Witness Pastor Matt Teis 2016-01-24 January
Lame Man's Faith John 14:12 Pastor Matt Teis 2016-01-24 January
The Holy Spirit can Help You Pastor Matt Teis 2016-01-24 January
The Lord is On My Side Psalm 118:6 2016-01-17 January
Reflecting on what can be Different this New Year Luke 2:19 2015-12-27 December
Do You Know the Savior? Luke 2 2015-12-27 December
Gift of Jesus Christ our Immanuel Matthew 1:18 2015-12-20 December
Let Your Light Shine John 3:1-7; 16-21 2015-12-13 December
Celebrate Christmas like Jesus 2015-12-06 December
Giving Grace at Christmas 2 Corinthians 8:1-10 2015-12-06 December
Christ is the Reason for the Season Isaiah 9:6 2015-11-29 November
Stay Full in the Truth 2015-11-22 November
Praise the Lord in all Times 2015-11-22 November
Remember what God has Done for You Psalm 105:1-8 2015-11-15 November
Having a Heart for God Psalm 119:1-8 2015-11-08 November
Staying Filled... 2015-11-08 November
More, More, More 2015-11-01 November
Is Christ in the Back of your Boat? Mark 4:35-41 2015-11-01 November