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Title Scripture Speaker Date Series
Life Happening 2018-03-04 March
Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord 2018-03-04 March
Cleansing power of Holy Spirit 2018-02-18 February
God's Word can change me. 2018-01-28 January
Adopted by God the Father Romans 8:15 2018-01-14 January
Castaway for the Lord 1 Corinthians 9:19 2018-01-07 January
Resolutions for the New Year 2018-01-07 January
Miracle of Christmas 2017-12-03 December
Luke 17:11-19: The Ten Lepers 2017-11-05 November
Psalm 34: Part 2 2017-11-05 November
Luke 15:10-24: The Prodigal Son 2017-10-29 October
Psalm 34 Psalm 34 2017-10-29 October
I'm Doing Right! Why all the Bad News? Isaiah 37 2017-10-15 October
Fall Opening 2017-10-15 October
The Mystery of the Pearl Romans 1:20 2017-09-24 September
Loving the Word with your Whole Heart Psalm 119:9-11 2017-09-24 September
What do you Know? Romans 1:20 2017-09-10 September
From the Pits to Praise Psalm 40 2017-09-10 September
The most important thing to know... 2017-09-05 September
Let others know Christ has made a difference in your life Psalm 73:23-28 2017-09-03 September